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The Gardner Township Cemetery in Gardner, KS is owned by the Gardner Township Board. 


An agreement between the Gardner Cemetery Association and the Gardner Township Board is agreed upon annually.  This agreement provides all the working details of how the cemetery is to be managed, maintained, and funded, with responsibilities of all parties of the agreement spelled out so that the Gardner Township Cemetery can be a source of pride for everyone.

For lot purchases
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Gary & Sharonn Coble


Gardner Township Board


Michael Casey, Treasurer

David Wolf, Trustee

Gardner Cemetery Association

Shirley Brown-VanArsdale, President

Nancy Ludwig, Vice-President

Debbie Johnson, Treasurer
Lisa Berg, Secretary


Jerry Gay

Marcia Gay

Merle Schick

Mark Wilmoth

Gardner Township Cemetery
Gary & Sharonn Coble 

Events & Announcements
January 25, 2025

The 100th Annual Meeting of the Gardner Cemetery Association is ,  scheduled for January 25, 2025, at 9:00 AM in the Johnson County Library Conference Room, 137 E Shawnee St, Gardner, KS.

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